The UMF, or Unique Manuka Factor, is a rating from the NZ Government for the approved quality mark the is developed and overseen by the UMFHA, or UMF Honey Association. This is a collection of BZ beekeepers, exporters, packers and distributors that have been established for the product of the manuka honey industry.

The UMF testing process is known for being the most comprehensive analysis industry-wide. Unlike any of the other grading systems, the UMF will make sure that all of the crucial signature compounds are present that provide the high quality, genuine quality of manuka honey.

The UMF number that you find on the honey label will tell you all about the level of purity and quality of the honey product. Each honey batch has to go through a series of checkpoints to be sure of the ultimate in quality, safety, and authenticity. All of the UMF license holders are audited independently to meet the tough standards for manufacturing, production, handling and sampling. When you see the UMF mark, you can feel confident that you are getting 100% completely pure and natural manuka honey.

While there are some producers of honey that will undertake a different rating system, the UMF system is an independent, unbiased authority that is set up to help certify only high quality, genuine manuka honey.


We use the UMF® quality trademark for quality and grading to help guarantee the purity of the manuka honey product you are purchasing. This is a testing system that uses checks that are the most transparent and comprehensive available for manuka honey today. This looks at the natural marker numbers that are found in the manuka honey to be sure that it is pure, genuine and natural.


Counterfeit products are nothing new in the industry of manuka honey. We have taken the time to work hard to provide a high level of assurance for all of our customers to let them know that they are getting the genuine product that left our factory. Each product has a unique code that our clients can scan for verification of authenticity after purchase. We have software that can track each jar, scanning so that any counterfeit products are shut down right away. The TrustCode platform we have also allowed us for the delivery of the story behind each product.


We are very serious about where the honey comes from that we offer. We have a network filled with trusted beekeepers all around the country, and we can fill our product jars with the highest quality Manuka honey every single time. We know each hive, each beekeeper and just about every manuka tree. It is all about trusting our sources so that you have the ability to trust our products.


Our bees produce honey from the nectar of tiny white flowers from the native manuka tree. This nectar is unique, giving our honey the powerful health benefits and incredibly intense flavor. We test each batch in our certified UMF laboratory so that you know the product is perfect and pure.
Making the Best Use of Manuka Honey

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Opened in 1998, our honey packing plant sits at the base of the beautiful Kaimai Ranges.

Initially, our plant was predominately packing light honey for the domestic market, and our creamy clover proved very popular in NZ supermarkets for many years.

As the reputation of Manuka started gathering momentum in offshore markets the lighter honey was replaced by New Zealand’s finest dark, high-grade Manuka.

Our factory is in Matamata, also known as the home of The Hobbiton. Matamata is also special as it is centrally located in an area known as “The Golden Triangle”. The Golden Triangle stretches from The East Cape to Taranaki and up to the Far North and is known for producing the best Manuka Honey in New Zealand.

We operate under a government controlled Risk Management Programme (RMP). An RMP is a program designed to manage the hazards associated with processing honey and bee products. It ensures that products are fit for their intended purpose and meet the appropriate New Zealand animal product standards.

Our factory is audited bi-annually, and every export is verified by apiculture officers to ensure they meet government regulations.

The factory is EU and FDA accredited.

We have an amazing production team in Matamata led by Helen Judson. Every member of our team has an interest in the products we are producing, and they ensure a high level of care is put into every jar we make.

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