10 Of The Best Health Benefits Of Manuka Honey

Medical benefits of Manuka honey have already been known in the universe of natural and alternative health for a very long time. The body of research that supports a large number of years of use by folk medicine practitioners has exploded exponentially. Below are a few of the numerous techniques Manuka honey helps to encourage good health.

States Related To Digestive System Imbalances

Manuka honey’s antibiotic qualities make it very useful for treating a wide variety of ailments, for example acid reflux, overgrowth of small intestine bacteria, and insufficient stomach acid. Each of the afflictions are closely linked. It’s well known that one special bacteria is related to all three of these, Clostridium. A current study has provided evidence for that Clostridium is extremely prone to the bacterial effects of Manuka honey. What this means is that Manuka honey can gain for helping to minimize reflux, as well as people who suffer from these conditions by balancing the digestive system to solve stomach and intestinal imbalances.

Skin Conditions Like Acne and Eczema

The web is filled with testimonials from those who say it’s worked for them. Sadly, as of this time there have been no clinical studies done to support the claims, however they do make sense considering its antimicrobial properties. Many people who are talking about it say that applying it on the affected skin for several minutes, and after that washing it off, is all that’s mandatory.

MRSA And Also Other Staph Infections

The last few years, rumors have circulated of a superbug that hospitals happen to be plagued with called MRSA. This is a type of Staphylococcus aureus that’s well known to be methicillin resistant. This bug that was super evolved as a result of antibiotic overuse, which has left most antibiotics ineffective against it, leaving hospital patients vulnerable despite the typical hospital medical protocols. It spreads so fast once a patient has been infected, that doctors often have to resort to invasive apparatus and processes like artificial joints, tubing that is intervenes, and operation, to save their lives.

Researchers from the Cardiff Metropolitan University of the UK’s, however, completed a study that offers some hope. What they found is that Manuka honey somehow suppresses MRSA’s genes that are most powerful. These results have already led some scientists to recommend that Manuka honey is utilized as a topical treatment for cuts and illnesses in nursing homes and hospitals, as a natural way of carrying MRSA away.

For Wounds, Burns, And Ulcers

A current article published in the Jundishapur Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products encourages the use of honey as a treatment to enhance the healing of wounds in cases that are more acute, and as a means of providing pain relief and for decreasing inflammation for burn patients. Very closely related to this really is that Manuka honey has been presented to anti inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti bacterial, which makes it very ideal for preventing infections from becoming established in venous ulcer patients. It has additionally been shown to promote faster, more powerful healing.

Several studies show that Manuka honey is useful for healing periodontal disease and gingivitis. They believe this is as a result of Manuka honey’s powerful antimicrobial properties. In addition, it contains zinc, and phosphorus, calcium, which have all been demonstrated to be essential nutrients for dental healing.

Digestive System

Manuka honey was demonstrated to offer protection against colonic damage when administered at various doses. In comparison to the control group, doses of both 5 grams and 10 grams were shown to supply considerable protection.

All treated groups had a reduction of colonic inflammation, and many improved results were shown by the rats when they compared the outcomes of each and every biochemical parameter together with the control group.

Similar effects were revealed for the inflammation model of colitis. Two teams were given a 5 gram and a 10-gram dosage, and both resulted in significant decrease of colonic inflammation.

In all events, what was most amazing is that the Manuka honey had their pain reduced and treated rats were cured of intestinal inflammation, nevertheless they also experienced free radical damage revampment and protection from any additional harm!

Strep Throat

The Journal of Leukocyte Biology published a report in 2007 that signified that Manuka honey is capable of stimulating the immune cells. What is intriguing about this really is that other studies have demonstrated that honey raises cytokine production in human monocytes.

2011 research demonstrated that Manuka honey stops the development of the Strep bacteria that is a leading reason for sore throats. It is no wonder that individuals gain so immediately after taking a spoonful of honey when they are feeling ill. So widely accepted is this fact, that it’s even received acceptance to be used from your National Cancer Institute in treating inflammation of the throat that results from chemotherapy.

This really is another one that’s a good amount of anecdotal reports of allergy patients after using honey to treat their illnesses, finding relief. There is also a study that supports this, that analyzed honey and birch pollen socialize. Study subjects were split into three groups, one clear honey that was given, another a birch pollen and honey mixture, as well as the control group, the last, were given only their regular allergy medicines.

The results were fairly impressive. Patients used less than half the amount of antihistamines yet had a 70% reduction of days , double the number of asymptomatic days, and a 60% decrease of symptoms with intense symptoms.

This amount of effectiveness means that in the event you take Manuka honey often, you will reduce your seasonal allergies, and decrease your need to use drugs!

It demonstrates an elixir effect that could enhance your standard of living and increase your energy when Manuka honey is used daily. Its super-compact nutrient profile enables it raise youthful energy, to promote vigor, and improve the tone and feel of your skin.

It may be used as a face wash for exfoliating the skin and fighting free radicals. It’s also capable of being properly used as a shampoo to boost the natural glow of your hair. One of the top uses is because then you can gain the health benefits internally and the outside as a detox drink.

As A Sleep Aid

When honey is added to milk at bedtime, it induces the body to improve melatonin in mental performance, which likewise promotes deep sleep.

Many health states are proven to be associated with insufficient sleep, including heart problems, stroke, diabetes, and arthritis. It’s also helpful for decreasing the risk of developing any of the health circumstances, and many more as honey was proven to be an effective sleep aid.

Potential Complication of Manuka Honey Use

Sources, such as for example WebMD, occasionally warn that people who have an allergy to bee stings should simply use Manuka honey with caution, due to the capacity of side effects.

If you have an allergy to bee stings, constantly use Manuka honey cautiously, and promptly report any adverse reactions which you experience to your natural health care provider when possible.