Manuka Honey UMF Rating – Unique Manuka

UMF – Unique Manuka Factor Evaluations

Unique Manuka Factor, or the UMF, is UMF Honey Association, or an evaluation in the NZ Government for the accepted quality symbol the is developed and managed by the UMFHA. This can be a set of providers, exporters, packers and BZ beekeepers which were created for the merchandise of the manuka honey business.

The UMF testing procedure is famous for being the most complete investigation business-wide. Unlike the other rating systems, the UMF will ensure that most of the touch compounds that are critical are present that supply the high quality, authentic quality of manuka honey.

The UMF number which you discover on the honey label will let you know all regarding the degree of caliber along with purity of the honey merchandise. Each honey batch must go via some checkpoints to be certain of the greatest in security, quality, and credibility. All the UMF permit holders are audited alone to satisfy the demanding standards for trying, generation, managing and manufacturing. It is possible to really feel sure that you will be getting 100% totally natural and pure manuka honey when you see the UMF mark.

We use just UMF brand for rating and quality to aid ensure the purity of the manuka honey merchandise you’re buying. This can be a testing system which uses checks which might be the all-inclusive and most transparent accessible for manuka honey now. This looks in the natural mark amounts which are found to make certain it is authentic, pure and natural.


We’ve taken time to work difficult to supply a high degree of confidence for every one of our clients to inform them they are obtaining the authentic merchandise which left our factory. Each product have a special code which our customers can scan after purchase for verification of credibility.


We now have a network full of sure beekeepers all over the nation, and our merchandise jars are able to fill using the maximum quality Manuka honey every single time. We know each beekeeper each hive and nearly every manuka tree.

Naturally Powerful

Honey is produced by our bees in the nectar of miniature white blossoms from your manuka tree that is native. This nectar is exceptional, giving our honey the very extreme and strong health benefits flavor. Each batch is tested by us in our UMF lab that is accredited so you know the merchandise is pure and ideal.