Using Manuka Honey To Treat Acne

Using Manuka Honey To Treat Acne

Manuka honey is known as one of the most powerful anti-bacterial honey types around which is harvested in New Zealand. This honey has been in use for 100’s of years as a natural kind of wound dressing as it has remarkable abilities to prevent some bacterial infections as well as promoting rapid healing. The UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) is known as the “number scale” system that represents the antibacterial potency as well as the honey quality. An UMF of 16+ is the grade which works best for the skin and may be more costly but worth it’s price.

Manuka Honey For Acne And How It Works

The anti-inflammatory properties in Manuka honey significantly reduce inflammation such as swelling and redness associated with pimples, cysts, and breakouts. The powerful anti-bacterial properties also decrease the severity of the breakouts as well as speeds up the healing process. Also, the honey offers a brightening effect and works on preventing and reducing scarring which is a common symptom of acne. Manuka honey is also soothing and hydrating which is an outstanding treatment to re-balance the skin, particularly for those suffer from dehydration and dryness.

What To Expect

Manuka honey is said to work well for some, but not so great for others. However, the potential advantages are well worth trying for those who suffer from acne. It is interesting to note that certain people will go through a “purging” effect within the first two weeks. It is recommended to try the product out for a minimum of 2 weeks before making a decision on whether the honey is worth using.

3 Top Ways To Use Manuka Honey For Acne

•Manuka Honey Cleanser

The Benefits:

•Great for removal of bacteria on the surface of the skin

•An ideal option for those who do not enjoy the stickiness as the honey will be rinsed off

•It softens the skin with regular use

•For those with sensitive skin, the cleanser is the ideal way to reap the benefits without the need to leave the honey on the skin

How To Use The Cleanser

•Apply the honey directly to the skin (dry)

•Massage the honey well into the skin for around 30 seconds to a 1 minute and concentrate on areas that are congested

•Wash away with a warm water and a clean washcloth

•Pat the skin dry and follow with a regular moisturizer

•Manuka Honey Weekly Mask

The Benefits:

•Healing and relaxing, great for redness and scars

•An antibacterial effect that is potent for the whole face

•Brightens, and rebalances the skin leaving the skin glowing

How To Use The Mask

•First cleanse the face and then apply the honey in a thick-layer

•Massage well all over the face and then leave the mask on for a minimum of 30 minutes but not more than an hour

•Rinse off with warm water and pat dry

•Overnight Treatment For Healing And Scars

The Benefits:

•Brightening and softening and you will wake up to a glowing skin

•Outstanding for soothing redness and healing scars

•Great for dehydrated and dry skin

How To Use The Overnight Treatment

•Apply a very thin layer over cleansed skin and be sure to massage the honey in well

• The honey is sticky so make sure to use a towel over your pillow or an old pillow case before you go to sleep

•In the morning wash off the honey with warm water and a cloth

The overnight treatment can be used once a week. The above mentioned ways to use Manuka honey can be used on their own or together.